Why photography?

My eyes are my greatest strength. At the age of 5, I was diagnosed with Retinoschisis, it’s a rare eye disease characterized by the abnormal splitting of the retina’s neurosensory layers which prevents me from driving and seeing most of the world in detail. Living with low vision provides me with an opportunity to problem solve and make sense of limited information.When it’s easy to doubt myself, Pictures help me show a new perspective accept and even admire my flaws while using them to create. With this flaw I challenge myself every time I pick up a camera.

Most of my memories consist of quick flashes of images that contain only glimpses of information. I began to experiment with capturing scenes within close range. I found myself exploring the city with a camera, photographing subjects in my visual range. The reward is looking back at that missed moment to rediscover my experiences with the help of a camera. Photography isn’t just a way to express myself. It allows me to understand to world around me. Through this process, I have grown as an artist and as a person. The drive to make everything perfect used to hold me back, but through photography, I have pushed myself to not only accept my mistakes but learn from them.

Please take a moment and look through my images, They represent my journey of self discovery and acceptance. Each image is a unique viewpoint through my eyes. Most of these images are captured within 10-15ft from me as I explore