Post #2 February Images
March 20, 2018
Post #4 – Second Roll from the Yashica 12
April 6, 2018

Recently I picked up a Yashica Mat 12 of off Craigslist. The camera was originally released in 1967 for 120 format film. There was another version with the 24 designation that was designed for 220 film. I was lucky to find a 12 because 220 film is not being made anymore.

I wish I had more time to talk the the gentleman who sold it to me. He was selling it for his friend who was a military vet who bought the camera new in West Germany. The camera is in amazing condition, it still has the original case, two filters and a hood.  I’m told these are getting hard to find.

I loaded it up with some Ilford FP4 and took it for a spin.

The Camera

The Images

I’m very excited to shoot more with this camera. Its a ton of fun and very easy to use.

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