Post #3 6×6
March 26, 2018

My first roll from the Yashica had some issues. I didn’t set the roll locks right so the film wasn’t attached properly leading to some inconsistent frame counting (11 shots instead of 12),  I used a cell phone app for a meter and overdeveloped my roll of FP4. I can’t tell if I just over exposed the film or It was the overdeveloping as well.  Just to make sure I checked my app meter with my Sekonic Studio Deluxe II and it was giving results that were 1-2 stops difference. Nevertheless I still got some images and was confident to shoot another roll.

I loaded up some delta 100, grabbed my Sekonic and went off shooting. I made sure to check the highlights, shadows and mid areas in my scene since my meter is only Incident based instead of spot then I did some averaging to come up with a good exposure.

Here are some of my favorites from the roll, Next time I hope for a perfect 12 out of 12.

Thanks for reading.

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